Journo Portfolio Review and Pricing 2021

Is Journo Portfolio the market leader of portfolio platforms?

Manas Bhardwaj


Journo Portfolio Review thumbnail 2021
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It’s been a year of my online writing journey and close to four months since I stumbled upon the creative world of freelancing.

The journey has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride.

Everyone has a different and peculiar opinion of this world.

But there’s one thing whose significance stood the highest. The importance of a writer’s portfolio.

It’s not the skills but your work that speaks the loudest.

A portfolio is a magic spell for anyone finding their sweet spot in freelancing.

Sure, there are a plethora of platforms helping you make your writing portfolio, but Journo Portfolio acts as a website alternative.

It’s that customizable and economical.

I’ve been using Journo Portfolio for the last four months and I’ve never been more satisfied with my portfolio.

Do you wanna know why?

Let’s get started.

Choose your theme

As you sign up for Journo Portfolio using your email you will be presented with a collection of themes and designs to give your portfolio a decent first look.

If you are unhappy with the theme at any point, you can change it later.

Choosing a theme while setting up a portfolio on journo portfolio
Image courtesy: Journo Portfolio

You need to complete the profile title, profile bio, and profile photo to kick things off in style.

Live preview editor

Hey, did you notice anything while writing the profile title and bio?

As you make changes to your writer's portfolio, you can simultaneously see the results without saving.

Thanks to the live preview editor of Journo Portfolio. It eliminates a ton of unnecessary efforts.

Side note: A 7-day free plus plan trial is offered to help you understand and use every feature on a trial basis.