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Everyone lives for themselves, let’s start living for others.

Manas Bhardwaj
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Hey everyone! My name is Manas Bhardwaj.

I’m from Uttar Pradesh, India.

I’m twenty years old and currently pursuing graduation in B.com(p) from Zakir Hussain College Delhi University.

Also, I’m a part-time freelance SEO content writer.

Goals for Medium

I discovered Medium accidentally as I was searching for a query on Google and it topped the list.

The stories were engaging and distraction-free, thanks to the Medium Interface. I quickly finished my three stories quota for the month and without a second thought subscribed to the Medium membership.

Those remarkable stories inspired me to write.

My plans for Medium includes:

  • Building up a genuine and active audience
  • Adding value to people’s life
  • To sharpen my writing skills
  • Starting my own newsletter ( which I accomplished )

Here’s the link to my newsletter — linktr.ee/manasbhardwaj30

What topics do I like to write about?

I am deeply interested and elated to write about Digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Self Improvement, social media, and mental health.

Goals outside Medium

I am passionate about a variety of things. Since I am just a 20-year-old boy, a plethora of things interest me and I am willing to give them a shot.

My goals outside Medium are:

  • Becoming a successful freelancer ( in progress )
  • Building up an online course
  • Setting up my own Website
  • Publishing an E-book ( accomplished )

My future delights me. I am coming for you!

Where can you find me?

Last Thoughts

I am a firm believer of adding value to people’s life.

Everyone lives for themselves, let’s start living for others.

I’m enjoying my journey and I wish great success, happiness, and peace of mind to all those who are giving their best to achieve all they dream of.

Have patience.

Everything will fall in place when the right time comes.



Manas Bhardwaj

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